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Our Standard course is by far our most favoured course. Lasting a duration of 8 weeks, owners have the opportunity to finely tune their dog handling skills and develop new skills. They have regular access to their behaviourist with 1-1 consultations each week, multiple assessments, behavioural diagnostics, continued skill support and a practitioner in their pocket to ensure that every step of the way they have 100% chance of success.

This type of remote learning allows owners to really get their hands dirty with their dogs, the removal of the trainer/behaviourist reduces the dog responding unnaturally in situations where their behaviour tends to be at its worst. It emphasises the owner as being the most important leader and there really isn't anything more important than that.

2-3 hour initial consultation
personality assessment
Behaviour diagnosis and functional analysis (if required)
Tailor made modification program
x7, 1 hour consultations (1 per week)
Full time access for Q&A via Whatsapp
PDF guides


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The Gold Plan

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