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The Platinum Plan 10 week courses!

Extending on the original 8 week courses, the 10 week provides an extra layer of comfort and guidance to those who's dog needs that little bit more time. The 10 week courses allow more room for errors or set-backs along the way and makes amendments, re-adjustments and resets easy to apply!

Image by Jamie Street

What you get!

Luxury welcome package straight to your door

Initial consultation, 2-3 hours,

Personality assessment

Behaviour Diag (if required)

Functional Analysis

Skill support

Tailor made modification plan

x9 1 hour consultations (1 per week)

PDF guides

Full Q&A access via Whtasapp

All consultations via Zoom or Teams

Become the leader of your unruly pooch

take back control

lead your dog to freedom, balance and happiness.

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