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Muzzle Training

 FREE Guide to Muzzle Training 

While muzzles can be a little scary, they are a highly beneficial tool to taking safety precautions for you, your dog and others when out in public and other situations. The main thing to remember with muzzle training is that it is a gradual, positive experience.


Make sure the muzzle fits nicely... your dog should be able to open their mouth to pant and breathe freely and be able to take treats while wearing the muzzle.


Create positive associations... allow your dog to investigate the muzzle freely, rewarding with a treat and praise each time they do so.


Initial introduction... keeping this brief, hold the muzzle up to your dog's nose and encourage them to put their nose in. Reward with lots of treats and enthusiasm and remove the muzzle from their face.


Increasing duration... your dog will become increasingly more comfortable with the muzzle being around their nose. At this stage you can now close the clasp of the muzzle and for short time periods allow you dog to wander freely wearing it. Continued praise and rewards should be offered. Remove if you see any signs of distress, we don't want negative associations creeping in.


Play and distract... during in the periods above, and to continue increasing duration, playing with your dog and distracting them with their favourite activities is a fantastic way to cement those postivie associations with the muzzle. Muzzle = fun & play.


Be consistent... it is important to remain consistent and patient with this training. You may face set backs, nothing is plain sailing. Wrote up a schedule and keep a diary of each session, it's good and bad points so you know what worked and what to work on in the next session.


Keep every experience postive,

Be patient and take your time

Never force the muzzle on your dog.

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