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Dani's Doggie Adventures

Our dog walking service is designed to provide your dog(s) with adequate physical and mental stimulation to support a healthy and balanced life, temperament and behaviour. Along with the physicality of the walk within different terrains and environments, the walks also provide sensory stimulation through scent games, fetch, social interaction with other dogs and people and more.

Dog walking

What you get

  • Welcome form

  • General behavioural analysis to ensure dogs are suitably matched for walks done by qualified behaviourist.

  • 1-2 hour walk

  • Personalised pup-dates following walks.

  • Facebook group for videos and photos of the walks

  • Dogs provided with treats and water during walks.

  • Welcome package.

  • Activities provided on walks for complete sensory stimulation meeting mental and physical exercise requirements.

  • Videoed walks

  • FBDS name tag with contact information

  • Fully insured walker with qualification.

1 Dog/2 Dogs/Additional dog


All additional dog prices are only applied to dogs from the same household.

Drop Ins Prices

(Dogs and Cats, 20min sessions for checking in, feeding, toileting and medication administration)

£8 per 20-minute session

Contact information
Phone: 07377341603

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