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Welcome to Fur Babies Dog Service

Does you dog display inappropriate, undesirable or unsociable behaviour. Are you finding dog ownership difficult and stressful? Maybe your even embarrassed by your dogs behaviour and need to take back control and lead your dog to a life with balance, boundaries and rules.


Fur Babies Dog Service provides premium canine behavioural training. Working hard to support you and your dog live a healthy and balanced life.










FBDS Owner

Canine Behaviour Practitioner









I am Amy and that is me with my dog Boe pictured left. Boe and I have had an amazing, roller-coaster journey of a life. In her life time Boe has had a few behavioural issues which led me to my decision to study canine behaviour to help her and others facing similar issues. 

Having a dog with anxiety, one who reactive to other dogs or any other issue that causes stress and a whole range of negative emotions can be a very difficult and testing time. We love our pets and would do pretty much anything for them. This is the purpose and reasoning behind Fur Babies Dog Service, I want to provide struggling dog owners find a balanced, stress-free and happy way forward.

For more information on the services that are provided, please go to the services page and be sure to contact with any and all questions you have regarding your dog.

Level 4 Advanced Diploma w/ British College of Canine Studies.
Grade - Distinction


For more information regarding courses, behaviour consults or contact info, go to the Services page.

Separation Anxiety


Separation Anxiety

Fears and phobias

Generalised Fears
    and Phobias

Head over to the 'Services' page to find out more information about your future consultation

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